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About me

Who am I?

I am a student at Charles University in Prague, where I also grew up. Although my field of study is Economics and Finance I always loved a process of building my own projects.

First I started at high school when I created my first social network (with astonishing 47 users), then I explored IT for several years. However, by the time of my graduation I had different hobbies. I found the joy in creating things at university again. So here I am.

What do I enjoy?

Travelling. That is why I created this portfolio in the first place. So I can send a link to people abroad, visit them locally and create a website for them.

Music. I enjoy soundtracks, relaxing music and an enormous variety of different artists. In my view every artist has something to say and I enjoy the diversity in genres of music.

And of course IT. I believe we should not be afraid of new technologies, we should be willing using it and improve it so it helps where it is needed.

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